The practice of massage has been around for well over thousand years and while today we may differentiate based on style, place of origin and so on – the history simply remembers it as massage. Did you know that today there are over 80 different massage therapy styles! Subtle differences or nuances can lead you into an entirely different massage style. This includes rubbing, pressing, movements, techniques, pressure or simple muscle manipulations too. The use of forearms or elbows or even feet can make it a different style.

The Asian Touch

Almost a quarter of the American public loves its massages, a recent survey revealed. Americans tend to have at least one massage annually and many go for it owing to the relaxing nature. However, did you know that various types of massages can actually help your body in myriad of ways. Some soothe muscle pains, other help in rejuvenation and revitalization.

So, which massage style should you opt for?

Massage Advice

With so many styles, it can get real confusing. However, if all you want is to feel relaxed and loose then take any massage – it really won’t matter. But if you are looking for a specific outcome then knowing what you need is important. Also, remember that the time duration too matters. A massage can be for just 5 minutes and then some can extend all the way up to 2 hours.

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